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Mother. Child. And More.
     With the vision of creating a healthy future generation, an exclusive speciality clinic for infertility management, pre-conception care and post delivery/maternity care was established at Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Foundation.
     I Fam provides diagnosing the infertility issues in couples and also it's management  as per ayurvedic methods.  We also offer proper guidance and counselling for better fertility in couples as a part of pre-conceptional care.
      Along with infertility treatments we also provide pregnancy and post delivery care for mother and baby.  The post-delivery care includes medicines and IP treatments as per traditional ayurveda  and also counseling to mother regarding the baby care.  

Post-delivery care.

For newborn mother.

A new mother is born along with the birth of a baby. This special and joyful moment is difficult too both physically and mentally.  Timely and high quality post natal care is essential for maternal and new born health.
Our highlights:
● Specialist Doctors
● Trained personal care takers
● Post-partum counseling 
● Parental Counseling
● Nutritional Counseling
Packages to choose from:

10 Days

15 Days

21 Days

28 Days


The blessing of life.
From Ayurveda.
        Ayurveda is an ancient Science with a lot of unexplored treasures.  Infertility is an area where Ayurveda can contribute to a great deal. Most of the causes of infertility in present Era is due to the changes in lifestyle and improper food habits. Due to these causes there is a lot of accumulated toxins in body that disrupt the endocrine system thus causing infertility. Ayurveda always concentrates on correcting the root cause. Ayurvedic treatments are available for  removing the toxins from the body and correcting the endocrine systems.
        As a part of fertility care, I-Fam also focuses on Pre-conceptional care. Proper guidance, counselling and supportive therapies helps in attaining a healthy pregnancy period and complication less delivery.
Specialities of iFam:

● Expert panel of Doctors
● Counselling therapy
● Pre-conceptional guidance
● Experienced team of paramedical staff
● Yoga - Meditation
● Physiotherapy
● Speciality Kerala treatments with Ashtavaidya excellence


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