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Vaidyaratnam Group with the legacy & Ashtavaidya tradition has established its eight decades  of journey through the propagation of Clinical, Academic, Pharmaceutical & Research domains, the strong pillars of Ayurveda. Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Research Institute is an establishment for exploring the rich ancient literature and is a knowledge hub for proximate analysis of the same with multidisciplinary research. It features different modes of researches and serves the Ayurveda manufacturing industry for blending tradition and technology.

Key functional areas of Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Research Institute are Process validation, New product design and development, product modification, Standardization of Raw materials, Medicinal plants management, Insilico analysis,Metabolomics , Analytical method development and capacity building programme in Ayurveda pharmaceutical science.

Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Research Institute unit offers unique research facility for Phytochemistry, Wet analysis, Instrumental analysis and Herbal Authentication , a separate well equipped pilot plant  for New Drug and Technology development, for further enriching the clinical studies . The laboratories features facilities like GC-FID, UV Visible spectro photometer, AAS, Flame photometer and stability chamber.

Our research strategy and implementation are well supported by a strong intellectual interdisciplinary team having expertise and experience in Ayurveda and contemporary Pharmaceutical- Pharmacological-Phytochemical aspects , Biochemistry, Botany, Analytical techniques, Drug design and development as well as mathematical Modelling based on prediction.



The Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Research Institute strives to be a knowledge sharing hub catering to the research and development demands in all spheres of Ayurveda and allied sciences.



  • To ensure Ayurveda for all by incorporating the research and development outcome with special emphasis on Ashtavaidya  tradition.
  • To work primarily towards blending the technology and tradition in New product development, New drug delivery and Drug targeting
  • Upliftment of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical science in the areas of technoilogy, infrastructure, theory , analysis and certification.
  • To deliver quality services through interdisciplinary capacity building programme
  • To develop research programmes in sustainable utilization of resources.



  • Industrial research programme - Process Validation
  • New product design & development
  • Analytical method development
  • Pilot plant for research and small scale production.
  • Post marketing Surveillance & Pharmacovigilance.
  • Capacity building programme
  • Medicinal plants Managemnt
  • Evidence based Transdisciplinary collaborative research programme.


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