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Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala

Asavas / Arishta

Asava arishtas are fermented preparations containing self-generated alcohol. Suitable sugar substrates like jaggery, sugar or honey are dissolved in Kashaya (decoction) or Swarasa (juice) and fermented for pre-determined periods in air tight containers. The fermentation is augmented by the flower Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa). The prakshepaka choorna consists of a blend of spices like cardamom, cinnamon and other spices and herbs, which lends  soothing flavor. The active contents of the drugs are dissolved in the liquids, which help to increase the shelf life naturally. The self-generated alcohol doesn't induce addiction, but helps the medicine to react within the body enzymes, which in turn delivers quicker relief.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala

Medicated Oils – Thailam / Kerathailam / Kuzhampu

The medicated oils act in accordance with the properties of ingredients incorporated in each preparation. Usually, the medicated oils are for external application and massage. The other forms of medicines like decoction, juice and paste are mixed with oils at a pre-determined controlled temperature to get the desired results. The medicines are prepared under strict quality control and scientific methods, to ensure desired results.
Depending upon the usage, method of administration of oils will be decided. For oil preparation there are three types of paka mentioned in Ayurveda i.e Mrudu, Chikkana and Khara which are intended for specific applications. The base of medicated oils are mainly pure Gingelly Oil and/or Coconut Oil, called Kera Thailam. Kuzhambu is a special formulation which is a blend of Sesame Oil, Castor Oil and Ghee in a pre-determined formulation as defined in the ancient Ayurveda scripts.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala

Ghruthams / Medicated Ghee

Ghruthams (Medicated Ghee) is a combination of fats and aqueous extract of medicinal plants. The medicinal active ingredients are normally soluble in fat and hence transferred into ghee. The medicinal properties contained in decoction, paste and other types of pure medicinal juices are infused into pure ghee at a stipulated temperature.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala

Kwathas ( Kashaya) - Decoction

The selected type of herbs is cleaned, dried upto the desired level, crushed / coarsely powdered for the preparation of decoction. For the convenience of the patients, the medicines are bottled after stringent evaluation of physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory parameters. These medicines are normally consumed after diluting with boiled water at room temperature at pre-determined ratios, as advised by the physician.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala

Lehams, Rasayanams and Gudams

These are sugar-based medicinal preparations which are usually palatable and tasty. The sugar base can be either Sita (Cane sugar) Kandasita (cube sugar) or Guda (Jaggery) as stipulated in Ayurveda scriptures. These sugar-based drugs are normally semi solids, wherein other healing additives like Madhu (Honey), Thila (Sesame oil), Tugaksheeri etc are blended wherever necessary. All the above said medicines are boiled, and excess liquids are evaporated to obtain homogenized semi solid paste,  under stringent quality control parameters.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala


All dry and solid medicines are powdered and mixed with liquid extracts and juices of other medicines at pre-detemined ratios and the mixture is dried naturally under the room temperature and converted into tablets. Needless to mention, that all processes are closely monitored by our stringent Quality Control Department.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers In Kerala


Choornams are basically medicines in powder form or small sized particles, consisting of one or more medicines. Each of those medicines are independently cleaned to remove all kind of soluble and non-soluble impurities and subsequently mixed at pre-determined ratios, which are then powdered as homogeneous particles and packed in containers under the watchable eyes of our stringent Quality Control Department.



Ashtavaidya Traditional products are typically developed by the legendary family of Eledath Thaikkattu Mooss, who are dedicated in the practice of Ayurveda since last many decades.  Analyzing the pharmacological results of those ancient medicines, one is left in awe of the depth of knowledge and wisdom these  Ashtavaidya scholars were endowed with. They have defined and derived each of the formulations, combinations, properties, base of these medicines and their unique action on patients.  The products like Vyoshamrutham, Madanamodakam, Amalakarishtam etc. are unique treasures gifted to the mankind by the family of Ashtavaidayan Thaikkattu Mooss.



The product development of the  R&D Department are focused on developing new and revised formulations as well as modification on the current dosage, to cure or mitigate those diseases which are fallouts of our modern lifestyles.

Vaidyaratnam has introduced successful medicines like Mehanil, Cardocalm, Thyrocalm, Rheumacalm, Digestol, Gasnull, Pilonil, Rejotone, Panchajeeraka Gudam, Vajitone tablets etc.  These medicines are the outcome of dedicated literary research of the ancient Ayurveda scriptures and passionate work spanning decades, corroborated by scientific validation through clinical research by the Research & Development department. The growing Research & Development department of Vaidyaratnam is adopting various efficacy studies that helps the community to achieve the benefit of medicines in a more palatable mode. These new generation medicines are effective in the management of Diabetes, Thyroid ailments and other Lifestyle disorders.


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