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Anybody seeking the outpatient services can approach the friendly help desk, where one of our trained staff will understand their requirements and guide them.
Doctors are available throughout the week from 10:30 am– 2:00 pm.
To consult the Chief Physicians, prior booking is required.

Our Nursing Home provides expert treatment to In-Patient.
After detail discussion with the patients and/or bystanders and after reviewing the medical records if any, adequate treatments will be advised by the Chief Physicians.
Treatments are decided based on the clinical conditions. Patients will be advised to undergo the therapy for a period of 16 to 30 days. There are NO offer packages. All doubts and queries, will be clarified by the duty Doctors, prior to admission.

Our Nursing home is committed to meet the needs of the disabled patients, also. The patient rooms, treatment rooms and other areas are designed for a smooth transportation of the patients with disabilities. 

To make your stay comfortable, we provide different kinds of rooms based on your need. All the rooms are equipped with adequate facilities to make your stay memorable and comfortable, which includes room service for food and laundry.


  • Tariff for different rooms such as Cottage, Suite room, Executive rooms, Standard rooms etc. will be given by the concerned staff.
  • Patient should be accompanied with one Bystander.
  • Personalized care by Nurses and Clinical staffs.
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality of patient records.
  • A detailed prescription with discharge summary, diet chart will be given, at the time of discharge.
  • After discharge, patient can have offshore consultation with our Doctors through email and phone calls.
  • Our hospital accepts International Master / Visa Credit cards and provides Currency exchange facilities.



  • EXECUTIVE COTTAGE A Living and 2 bed rooms with AC, 2 Bath rooms, Dining area, Sit-out, Treatment Room, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • SUITE ROOM at New Block :Modern Spacious AC Living cum bed room with Dining area having panoramic view, bath attached, Balcony, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • DELUXE ROOM at Old Block: Spacious Living cum bed Room with Dining area, Balcony, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • EXECUTIVE ROOM at New Block: Living cum bed room with AC, Bath attached, Balcony, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • A/C ROOMS WITH PANORAMIC VIEW at Old Block : A/C Room, Bath attached, Balcony with Panoramic view, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • ROOMS WITH PANORAMIC VIEW at Old Block: Room, Bath attached, Balcony with Panoramic view, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • STANDARD ROOM atNew Block: Living cum bed room, Bath attached, Balcony, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi
  • GENERAL WARD at Old Block: Separate ward for Male & Female Patients, Attached Treatment Room, Bath attached, Telephone, TV, Newspaper on demand, Wi-fi



  • To receive high quality care appropriate to the Patients needs and consistent with the scope of the hospital.
  • To receive considerate care regardless of race, religious belief and age.
  • To know the name of the physician who has the primary responsibility for co-ordinating care.
  • To receive information about the illness, treatment and prognosis.
  • To receive counseling regarding the estimated cost of the treatment and payment schedule at the time of admissions as well as subsequently.
  • To be provided with confidentially during examination or treatment.v
  • The patient is assured of the medical records.



  • To provide complete and accurate information including full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, insurance details, whenever necessary.
  • To provide accurate and complete information regarding present complaints, past medical history, hospitalization and other matters relating to the patients health.
  • To follow the treatment plan advised by the physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health professionals, as they carry out, the physicians orders.
  • To treat hospital staff and other patients with dignity and respect and not to conduct any activity, that will disrupt the work of the hospital or cause discomfort to other patients.
  • Not allowed to bring/share/drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, unauthorized drugs & weapons in to the hospital ever.
  • Advice your visitors to strictly follow the visiting hours of the hospital, which is 12 noon to 2:30 pm.
  • Leave valuables at house and bring only those items, which are necessary during the hospital stay.
  • Assure that the financial obligations of the patient care are fulfilled as per hospital policy.
  • Strictly restrict the usage of plastic within the hospital.
  • To pursue diet regimes suggested by the consultants.

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