Kozhikode Treatment Centre

Vaidyaratnam Treatment Centre, Pushpa Junction, Kallai Road, Kozhikode-673002
Phone : 0495 2302696, 9746732696
E-mail : clttc@vaidyaratnam.com

Consulting Doctors & Time

Dr. K. S. Vimal Kumar BAMS, MS(Psy), MHA, PGDHHA (Senior Physician & In-Charge)
Monday - Friday : 10am-1pm & 3pm-6:30pm
Saturday : 3pm-6:30pm (Sunday : Holiday)

Dr. Anusree. E BAMS, PGDAY, CAP (Physician)
Monday-Saturday : 10am-1pm & 3pm-6pm (Sunday : Holiday)

Therapy Hours
7am-11am & 3pm-7pm (Sunday Working)

Pharmacy Hours
9:30am-7:30pm (Sunday Holiday)

Treatments Available For Illnesses Like

• Stroke and Neurological Disorders (Hemiparesis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome etc.)
• Low Back Ache, Spondylosis (Cervical, Lumbar), Lumbago, Sciatica and other spine problems
• Arthritis (Rheumatoid/Osteo/Gout)
• Migraine, Sinusitis, Head ache, Rhinitis, Allergic bronchitis etc
• Skin diseases (Eczema, Psoriasis, Dandruff, Hair loss etc)
• Cosmetic issues (Acne/Pimples, Pigmentation etc)
• Digestive disorders (Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Gastritis, Constipation, Piles etc)
• Sleep disorders (Anxiety, Insomnia, Loss of memory etc)
• Menstrual and Gynecological disorders (Irregular menstruation, PCOD, Infertility etc)


Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments & Therapies In Unique Ashtavaidya Tradition

• Tharppanam (Medicated oil Pool over the Eyes)
• Putapakam (Medicine Pool over the eyes)
• Sirodhara (Medicated oil Drip for head)
• Sirovasthi (Medicated oil pool for head)
• Sarvangadhara (Whole body medicated drip)
• Ksheeradhara (Medicated Milk drip)
• Kayasekam / Pizhichil (Medicated oil drip massage)
• Pathra pinda swedam / Ela kizhi (Herbal leaf bag massage)
• Choorna pinda swedam / Choorna kizhi (Herbal powder bag massage)
• Sashtika Pinda Swedam / Njavara kizhi (Medicated special rice bag massage)
• Abhyangam (Medicated oil massage)
• Udwarthanam (Herbal Powder massage)
• Annalepanam (Medicated rice poultice)
• Lepanam (Medicated poultice)
• Upanaham (Medicated bandage)
• Kateevasthi (Medicated oil pool for spine)
• Nadee swedam (Medicated steam bath)
• Avagaham (Medicated hot water bath)
• Ushma swedam (Medicated herbal steam)




• Personal Attention Is Our Hallmark
• Well Trained Doctors And Therapists
• Special Treatments For Life Style Disorders
• Privilege Treatments For Women And Children
• Speciality Clinics Like Ayurshield Immunity Clinic, Post-Covid Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic, Spine&Ortho Clinic Etc

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