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  • "Ayurveda is Science of life.... and may Vaidyaratnam become life of Ayurveda sector in country.
    Wish all the best. Promote quality health care standards in more facilities."

    Dr.Gayatri Vyas Mahindra
    Quality Council
    New Delhi

  • Now a days everybody is involved in some activities. It is difficult to look after health and one day person has to spend lot of time with some Doctors. But just to keep fit himself, we should remember "Ayurveda" which is a treasure of India, particularly in Kerala. Ayurveda has been established as a way of life and very useful for purifying and detoxifying our body. This knowledge is preserved and made available for everybody in  'VAIDYARATNAM'. Myself and my wife spends twelve days in Vaidyaratnam and I am happy to say I become fresh and active. The treatment is superb, entire staff is very committed. My special congratulation to Vaidyaratnam family.



    Ayurveda is the most authentic treatment for the humans, as it is provided by the Lord Dhanwanthari who can be compassionate than the representative of Lord Krishna.
    One must use Ayurvedic treatment, because it attracts no side effects, except route out of ailment.
    I am pleased to come here & take treatment under the guidance of Dr. Neelakandhan Mooss, who has learned it under 'Parampara'.

    Thank you shall come again.

    Your well wisher,

  • Our family believes in Vaidyaratnam due to the wonderful first hand experience here. The gentle but focused attention of the Doctors, Physicians and Therapists has always been of tremendous value to us. This institution is a real asset because not only is excellent medical care being provided but also the upkeep of traditional knowledge happens here.

    Thank you for the care and the wisdom.

    Anjali Menon
    Film Director

  • || Shri Hari: Hara Naam ||

    "The most wonderful fact is that, 'Kerala', the place created by Lord Parashurama, is the birth place of Adhi Shankaracharya, the protector of Sanadhana Dharma"
      "And Thrissur, the place in kerala, were lord Guruvayoorappa, Vadakkumnadha & Dhanwanthari blessed together, is the Moolasthan of 'Vaidyaratnam', were Vaidhya Shri.Neelakandhan Mooss, Shri Parameswaran Mooss, well disciplined and honest staffs, Doctors and all others who works in the treatment aspects does the combined efforts to develop, "the Histrocial science of life - Ayurveda and to make that in reach of needy people.

    I am very much influenced by the glorious activities of this institution and i render my prayers and blessings for its proper functioning".


    Shri Rajendra Das Devacharyaji Maharaj

  • An outstanding institution has been created over the last 75 years.It is taking forward the legacy of Kerala Ayurveda in a very commendable manner and at the same time doing yeoman service to humanity.I wish this institution further heights of glory in the years to come

    Ajit M Sharan
    Govt.Of India.
  • "I am very much impressed with the excellent work rendered to the society by the Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home. The ancient Ayurveda Treatment will be grateful to the  generation to come. Me Ayurveda is how world accepted the way of treatment.

    I  am sure that the great tradition cherished by the Thaikkattu Mooss will be a great future.

    I wish all success"

    Shri Ramesh Chennithala,
    Home Minister,
    Kerala State


  • "I have discovered a new meaning of peace during my three weeks at Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home. No one should miss the Bhagavathy Temple across the road or the spectacular sunset every evening. Both add to peace for body and soul".

    Shri. K.P. Nayar
    New Delhi

  • "Very much impressed by the hospitality, i think i am very lucky to visit the institution. In fact am a fan of Vaidyaratnam".

    Smt. K.Omanakutty
    Karnatic Singer,

  • "The Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home walks a different path while engaged in Medical Assistance and mitigating the sufferings. Hence the ancient wisdom and heritage of India is applied with modern scientific aids and equipment. The top management is blessed with the ability to preserve and disposition to improve. The staff members are committed professionals and patient's friendly it is pursuit to realize the best in patient care and cure, i wish success to VNH"

    Shri. K. Gopalakrishnan,
    Gurgaon, Haryana

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