Six Days Training on Keraleeya Panchakarma based on Ashtavaidya Tradition

Training Period 04-04-2016 to 09-04-2016

Course Content

DAYS         8.30 Am to 9.30 Am           10.30 to 12.30 Pm                                      2 Pm to 3 Pm                                  3.15 Pm to 4.15 Pm
1st Day     Registration                         Inauguration                                                Introduction to poorva karma & Critical analysis of Snehana
                                                                Introduction to Panchakarma    
2nd Day     Treatment visit /                 Critical analysis of Swedana                                          Demo - Abhyanga & Pizhichil
                    Patient Discussion/
                    medicine preparation room

3rd Day     Treatment visit /                   Critical analysis of Vamana                    Demo - Rooksha &                          Kerala speciality on Swedana
                   Patient Discussion/                                                                              Snigdha Pottali sweda
                   medicine preparation room

4th Day     Treatment visit /                    Critical analysis on Murdini                   Critical analysis of Vasthi               Demo - murdini thaila & Nasya
                   Patient Discussion/                     thaila
                   medicine preparation room

5th Day     Treatment visit /                      Critical analysis of                                 Demo - Matravasthi                         Visit to museum
                   Patient Discussion/               Virechana & Nasya                                & Pradeshika vasthi
                   medicine preparation room
6th Day     Demo - Kashaya vasthi                                                                                                                          Valedectory function

Other Details

The training programme will be held at Vaidyaratnam Ayuveda Foundation Near Durga Temple, Thaikkattussery ,Ollur,Thrissur,Kerala.
Eligibility - Practicing Ayurveda Physicians.
Maximum Participants limited to 20.
Course fee Rs 12000 Including free Non A/C Sharable accommodation & standard vegetarian lunch and dinner.
Documents required - Copy of BAMS Degree Certificate and registration certificate, 2 Passport size
photographs, Copy of Photo ID card.
All participants must wear white overcoat during the trainng.
Registration will close one week prior to commencement of the training.
The first 20 Registrations will be considered for the above Training. Remaining candidates will be accommodated in our next batch which will be intimated later on.
At the time of registration Rs 2000 has to be remitted by bank transfer .Selected participants to remit
balance fee of Rs. 10000 directly at our office before training.


Our Bank Details

A/c No       : 008605300001409
IFSC Code   : DLXB0000086
For further details please contact
Course Director - Dr Sudeesh/ Unit Head - Mr S.Parameswaran - at 0487-2432932, Email:,