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OUT PATIENT CONSULTATION: The individual seeking the outpatient services have the convenience of approaching a friendly help desk where our staff will understand the requirement and guide them.
Doctors are available throughout the week from 8- 5pm. To have consultation with our Chief Physicians, prior booking is required.


IN PATIENT SERVICES: Our Nursing Home provides the finest services of In- Patient services. Patients are assessed by Doctors and initial consultation is carried out by Chief Physicians. Treatments are decided based on the clinical condition. Patients are advised to stay for minimum period of 14-30days. There are NO packages available here. Please feel free to contact us to get the details prior to admission. Contact us.


DISABLED PATIENTS: Our Nursing home is committed to meet the needs of the disabled patients.The patient rooms are built to provide facilities to the patients with disabilities. A convenient navigation and access to treatments and other nursing services are provided.


ACCOMMODATION AND FACILITIES: To make your stay comfortable, we provide different kinds of rooms based on your need. All the rooms are equipped with everthing needed make you comfortable including Room services for food and laundry.


  • Tariff for different rooms such as cottage, suite room, executive rooms, standard rooms will be given by our public relations staff.
  • Patient should be accompanied with one Bystander, in absence of it a special consent is required.
  • Personilized care by Nurses and clinical staffs.
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality of patient records.
  • A detailed Prescription with discharge summary, Diet chart will be given at the time of discharge.
  • After discharge, Patient can have remote consultation with our Doctors through email and phone calls.
  • Our hospital accepts International Master/ Visa Credit cards and provides Currency exchange facilities.


Cottage: Living room, Bedroom, sit out, Treatment room, TV, Telephone, servant room and cooking facility on demand, Internet and news paper.

Suite room: Livingroom, Bed room, Balcony, Tv, internet and News paper.
Excuetive rooms, A/C Rooms with Panoromic view, Ordinary rooms with Panoromic view, Standard Rooms & General wards also are available.




  • Right to Respect
  • Right to Dignity
  • Right to Personal safety
  • Right to Protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  • Right to Confidentiality of patient records.
  • Right to Refusal of treatments
  • Right to Consent for treatments.
  • Right to Voicing a complaint.
  • Right to Information on expected cost of treatments.
  • Right to Information and education about their healthcare needs
  • Right to Access clinical records
  • Right to Access to Emergency Services
  • Right to Information of Hospital rules and regulations.



  • To give all relevant personal information  and health information
  • To inform about medications the patient is taking already with allied systems of medicine/ medical records including previous treatments.
  • To actively participate on decisions taken on health care
  • To notify the concerned doctor and nurse regarding the changes observed during the treatments
  • To follow the treatment instructions given by physician and clear all doubts before leaving the hospital.
  • To inform the doctor about personal, social, or religious taboos related to his treatment.
  • To be considerate to other patients( Smoking/ noise affecting other patients)
  • To ask promptly for clarifications of treatments/medications.
  • To follow your Doctors advise and instructions given.
  • To cooperate with  clinical staff and be on time for treatments scheduled
  • Patient and Bystander to behave well with the staffs in hospital.
  • To follow the rules and regulation of Vaidyaratnam nursing home. Alert the staff/doctor if he notices any undue side effects following his treatment.
  • A special consent is required from higher authority to leave the hospital premises, in case of any emergency.
  • To be prepared to  transfer to another hospital, in case of emergency.
  • To handle the hospital equipments carefully/ avoid wastage of water and electricity.
  • Settle the bills and all outstanding dues to the hospital.


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