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Our Facilities

Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home(A NABH Accredited Firm) aims to serve the society by providing the authentic Ayurvedic care. Situated at Thaikkattusery, Thrissur, the nursing home ensures tranquility of a typical rural ambience with the superiority of advanced treatment facilities.  The most modern nursing home embraces Executive cottages, Suite rooms, Deluxe rooms etc. with all amenities including best of the breed communication facilities.

Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home provides Panchakarma treatments strictly in accordance with the sacred tenets of Ayurveda under the strict guidance of none other than Ashtavaidhyan Padmabhooshan  E T Narayanan Mooss.

The Ministry of health and Family affairs, Govt of India has recognized Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home for reimbursement of In –Patient expenses. It’s a rare Honor enjoyed by very few Ayurvedic hospitals in the country. Today Vaidyaratnam Nursing home is India’s most preferred hospital destination for those who want to be healed by the power of authentic Ayurveda. The services of Ayurvedic Physicians who follow the doctrines with religious devotion, coupled with our cordial hospitality is sure enough to make your treatment at Vaidyaratnam Nursing home a memorable experience.

      Vaidyaratnam is committed for providing traditional Kerala ayurveda to the world community in a systematic way of patients care at affordable cost and comforts.


      Our organization gives a unique tradition of health care services to the common public. Its aims at providing traditional ayurvedic treatments to benefit the masses and wish “ loka samastha sukino bhavanthu

  • Provide highest quality and services for all people
  • Adhering to professional and scientific integrity.



Branch Details

Our Chief Physician visits Bangalore and Mumbai branch in alternative months, prior bookings is required to meet the doctor.



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